Live a Porn-Free Life

Don't let porn hold you back. Break free with the proven power of Internet Accountability.

How It Works

Your Desktop
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Porn thrives on shame and secrets. Self Censor services are designed to help you overcome porn by monitoring your online activity and sending a report to a trusted friend who holds you accountable for your online choices.


For Individuals

Porn traps you in a cycle of shame, loneliness, and frustration. End the cycle and live a life of freedom and integrity with Internet Accountability.

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For Parents

One wrong click can change your child's life. Internet Accountability helps you know what your children are looking at online so you can help them make wise choices. Optional Filtering blocks inappropriate content before they see it.

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For Communities

Strength is found in numbers. Bring the power of Internet Accountability to your group, organization, or church with Communities from Self Censor Eyes.

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It's Time to Put Porn in the Past